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Julianne Altwasser

The Tenth Child of August Altwasser and Anna Hiller

Information about August Altwasser and Anna Hiller

Kostopol District of Volhynia

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Julianne Altwasser was the last known child born to August Altwasser and Anna Hiller about 1887. Research shows that she was married twice and had at least six children. Her first husband was Wilhelm Kirschbaum and it appears Wilhelm and Julianne were among the 100,000 ethnic Germans from the Rovno area that were banished to Siberia between 1915 and 1918. A daughter, Teofile Kirschbaum, was born in Siberia in 1916. They obviously returned to the Berezne / Kostopol region because, in EWZ document #37452, Teofile stated both of her parents were dead. Wilhelm died in Sinakowka and Julianna geb. Altwasser died in Wielkopole.

Julianne's second husband was Karl Schnetzke and they had five children. Karl Schnetzke was born on October 10, 1889 in Zcerzynke (Oczerecianka) or Wielkepole.

1925 - 1939

The Rowno (Rivne) Archives contains an inhabitant reporting register, for Gmina (administrative district) Berezno, produced by the Polish government between 1925 and 1939. A family group is listed in this document with Karl Schnetzke as the father of five children, Helena, Marta, August, Lidia and Adolf. Another column lists the given name of his father, Ferdinand. Julianna's name is missing.


In 1940, the name of Karl Schnetzke appears on an inhabitants list for Wielkopole with a wife named Mathilde. However, no birth date is given to verify if this is the same person and no maiden name is given for Mathilde to help identify her background. Only four Schnetzke children, Helena, Marta, August and Lydia, all unmarried, appear in the EWZ files. They indicated that their father Karl was living and their mother, Julianna, was gestorben (deceased) in Wielkopole.

Known Children of Julianne Altwasser

  • Teofile Kirschbaum born June 14, 1916 in Siberien (Siberia). Her EWZ file number is #37452. Teofile married Waldemar Hironymczuk on December 26, 1936 in Kostopol. In 1940, they had one son born in 1938 in Lipnik. Waldemar's parents were Alphonse Hironymczuk and Pauline Redlich.

  • Helene Schnetzke born February 8, 1919 in Wielkepole. Her EWZ file number is 37042.

  • Martha Schnetzke born September 7, 1920 in Wielkepole. Her EWZ File number is 37043/Z

  • August Schnetzke born May 5, 1922 in Jablonnje. His EWZ file number is 337151/Z.

  • Lydia Schnetzke born August 24, 1924 in Wielkepole. Her EWZ file number is 37044.

  • Adolf Schnetzke   His name does not appear in the EWZ files and nothing else is known about him.

Notes of Interest

Since little else is known about Julianne, research notes are included here for added insight.

E-mail to Karl Lenz, May 2001.

Hi Karl,

I just made the connection of a Julianne Altwasser that shows up in the EWZ Files to some research information you sent me several years ago.

The file you sent is a family group sheet and shows that Juliana Altwasser, the daughter of August Karlowitch (Son of Karl) Altwasser and Anna Hiller, was married to a Rosebuch and to a Schnetzke. No Christian names for the husbands are on this sheet. I'm wondering if you can recall the source of this information?

The EWZ files show a Julianne Altwasser was married to a Karl Schnetzke. This is a match. The EWZ files show them having four children in 1940, three girls and a boy. The oldest, Helene was born in 1919, the youngest, Lydia was born in 1924. Their son, August Schnetzke, born in 1922, told the authorities his mother was born in 1887 in Antonufka. Their other girl Martha, was born in 1920. None of the girls reported a birth date for their mother. This Julianne would only be 37 years old when the last child was born in 1924, assuming 1887 is a correct birth date.

The EWZ files also show a Julianne Altwasser was married to a Wilhelm Kirschbaum. This does not match your records. There is one daughter, Teophile Kirschbaum, born in 1916 in Siberia that shows up on the EWZ files. This Julianne appears to be one of the 100,000 Volhynians banished to Siberia when this daughter was born. Her husband could have died and she could have married Karl Schnetzke.

I just thought you would be interested in this tidbit. I am still researching the EWZ files and my web pages are progressing well. That's all for now.

Yours truly,

Jack M.

Karl Lenz' reply, May 2001.

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the information on Julianna Altwasser. You asked about the source of my information on her husbands. My notes indicate that I got the information from Gustav Altwasser who lived in Regina at # 2020, 3rd Ave North in the 1970's. Gustav was the son of Karl Altwasser and Emilie Muth, who was the son of Johann August Altwasser and Anna Hiller, who was the son of Karl Altwasser and Christine Frieske. At the time, Gustav came to my folks place at Yellow Grass for a funeral and I talked with him. He didn't know or remember much about his uncles and aunts on the Altwasser side of the family. He gave me seven of his dad's brothers and sisters, but didn't have them in the right order and he gave me Julianna's husbands surnames. It is very possible that Julianna's first husband's surname was Kirschbaum and not Rosebuch since Gustav seemed to be struggling with the information he gave me.

Gustav also told me that his grandfather, Johann August Altwasser, moved from Poland to 'Kurgany, Rowno, Volhynia, Russia.

Very Best Regards,





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