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to William J. Milner, March 8, 2001.

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  Excerpts from a letter written by Jaqueline Lenz for the Yellow Grass Heritage Committee
on May 15, 2001.  Jaqueline was the editor of "Yellow Grass Our Praire Community" when the book was published in 1981.

Dear Jack:

Re:  Permission to use material

We are in receipt of your letter of April 4, 2001 requesting permission to reproduce selected passages from Yellow Grass Our Prairie Community.

Congratulations on your undertaking of compiling stories from the three branches of the Altwasser family. At the time we produced our community history we hoped our book would serve as a reference and/or starting point for family historians to complete their own works. Of course in 1981 we thought in terms of handwritten histories, or tape-recorded memoirs or maybe soft or hard cover books of limited printing. But of course the resurgence of interest in genealogy and a whole wonderful technology through personal computers has opened up great new possibilities.

The Altwasser Family is still very much a presence in this community. The strong leadership qualities which the pioneer Altwasser families exhibited continue on in the succeeding generations who reside here as well as in those branches of the family who have gone on to achievements elsewhere in Canada.

Thank you for the consideration of requesting permission to use our material. Good luck with your work!

Yours truly,

Jaqueline Lenz
for Yellow Grass Heritage Commitee





Copyright © 2001. 2013
® Canada Copyright Registration  No. 490341
to William J. Milner, March 8, 2001.

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