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Florentine Altwasser

The daughter of August Altwasser and Anna Hiller

Information about August Altwasser and Anna Hiller

Kostopol District of Volhynia

Map by ©Jerry Frank

Florentine Altwasser was born on February 15, 1885 in Antonufka, Wolhynien (Volhynia), the daughter of Johann August Altwasser and Anna Hiller. She married Ernst Peglau in Tutschin on January 28, 1903. The Rowno Archive file agrees with EWZ file 39243 for Ernst that shows his birth on September 11, 1880, in Kurhany. His parents are Julius Peglau and Amalie Polke.

The Rowno (Rivne) Archives contains an inhabitant reporting register for Kurhany, district Kostopol, produced by the Polish government between 1925 and 1939. The register shows the household of Ernest Peglau, farmer; Florentyna Peglau geb Altwasser, wife; Paul Peglau, son; Sarah Peglau, daughter; Name illegible (looks like Rita) Peglau, daughter; Wanda Peglau, daughter; and Rudolf Peglau, son. This document also includes the names of their parents, birth data, occupation, religion and marriage data, if married.


The Children of Florentine Altwasser and Ernst Peglau

Inhabitant Register Data 1925 to 1939

Register entry from the Rowno (Rivne) Archives showing the
birth of Helene Peglau in 1908.

  • Helene Peglau  was born in 1908 to Ernst Peglau and Florentine Altwasser.

  • Paul Peglau   born February 3, 1917, in kol. Kurhany, Berezne, Kostopol.

  • Sara Peglau   born April 26, 1922, in kol. Kurhany, Berezne, Kostopol.

  • Rita Peglau   born in 1924; the date and place are not specified.

  • Wanda Peglau   June 15, 1927, in kol. Kurhany, Berezne, Kostopol.

  • Rudolf Peglau   June 4, 1929, in kol. Kurhany, Berezne, Kostopol.
  • Identification Document

    Issued by the Polish Government, pursuant to Regulation No, 19 of 16 March 1928, to certify that Florentyna Peglau is a Polish citizen.

    This Polish citizenshp identification was obtained from the Bundesarchiv in Berlin by W. Köllner. It is the first document of its kind he has seen and he believes it is associated with the 1925 to 1939 Inhabitant Register Data.



    Data urodzenia:

    Miejsce urodzenia:






    Znaki szczegolne:

    Wydany data:

    Official Stamp


    First name...Florentine

    Birth date...31 January 1884

    Birthplace...Kolonie Antonowka, gmina Berezne, powiat Kostopol.

    Occupation...(gospodarstw domowych) domestic



    Hair...(Wlosy - szatynka)...Dark brown (Brunette)

    Eyes...(Oczy - Szare)...grey

    Marks...(Znaki szczegolne)...Scar on left eyelid

    Date of Issue... 04. November 1938

    Official's Signature. (Wojt gminy translates as Mayor)

    Florentine Altwasser and Ernst Peglau Family
    EWZ files - 1940

    Both Florentine and Ernst were employed as agriculturists, living in Kurhany. His EWZ file card number is 39243 and her EWZ file card number is 39280. Shown below is the information found for their children Sarah, Wanda and Rudolf. The kartei for Helene, Paul and Rita were not discovered during this search.

    • Sara Peglau.  Her EWZ file number is 39081 and is dated January 27, 1940. In this file she is unmarried and her employment is listed as an agricultural worker (Landarbeit).

    • Wanda Peglau would still be in school in 1940. She is shown on the file of her father. (#39243)

    • Rudolf Peglau would also be a student in January 1940 and he is shown on the file of his father. (#39243)

    Fragebogen for the Ernst Peglau Family
    Kenn/Nr. 129627

    This document for the Ernst Peglau family was obtained by W. Köllner from the Bundesarchiv in Berlin in very poor condition. The writing is very faint and difficult to read accurately, sometimes illegible because of the poor quality. It was dated March 21, 1940, without a signature or the mark of Ernst Peglau.

    The information, where legible, is transcribed below:

    • Ernst Peglau is from Kurgany, Krs Kostopol. Occupation: farmer, Citizenship: Polish

    • His birth date is 11/12/1880, born in Kurgany, faith is Ev. Lutheran.

    • He was married on 01/28/1903 in Tuszyn to Florentine Altwasser.

    • The names of the children are barely visible, but appear to be Paul, Sarah, Wanda and Rudolf, with two other illegible entries, for a probable total of six children.

    • The family had 10.5 Desjatinen of land. (One desjatin equals about 1.09 hectares or 2.47 acres.)

    • Name of his Father:   Julius Peglau, Died: February 1914 at the age of 66 years.

    • Name of his Mother:   Augustine Peglau, geb.....?, Died: April 1936 at the age of 72 years.
      Another document, the inhabitant reporting register for Kurhany, identifies her as Amalie geb. Polke.

    • Name of the father of wife: August Altwasser, Died: January 1914.

    • Name of Mother of the wife: Anna Altwasser, born Hiller, Died: April 1920.

    • There is information entered for family members who emigrated, but the writing is very faint and illegible.

    • From which place? What Year? To go Where? illegible. There is more information on the next page, also very faint and illegible.

    • Dated 21.3.40 at... (illegible). Unsigned.

    Einwohnerlist - Kolonie Kurgany 1939
    Source: Wolhynische Hefte, Buchholz Ludwig,
    Kolonie Kurhany bei Kostopol, Einwohnerliste S. 164-166, P 6]

    The collection was created in the order in which the residents had lived in the colony. The village belonged to the Berezne district parish office and the Kostopol Protestant parish. Others were reportedly living in the colony of 36 German families with 25 school children. The Protestant cantor was vacant and there was a Polish public school.


    Ortsplan and Einwohnerlist - Kolonie Kurgany 1939
    Source: Karl Holtz, Australia, 2009
    Gustav Lutzer, Germany, 1990

    Hans Altwasser listed on property #3 above, in all probability, is Karl Altwasser married to Emelie Muth; Ludwig Lutzer, married to Olga Altwasser, is listed on property #11; Adolf Krüger, married to Julianna Altwasser, is listed on property #15; Property #6 could be the home of Julius Renwrantz and his wife Ernestine Altwasser.

    The list above was created in 1990 from the memories of Gustav Lutzer. The Ortsplan shows the village layout with the names of the families as he remembered them. The Ernst Peglau family, owning 10.5 Desjatinen of land, must be at one of the six question marks.




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