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A jet stabbing straight into the wide
expanse of a cloud mottled sky, appears as a
silver bird towing its tail-like plume of vapor
behind. As I watch I get the impression of the
trail of memories in the life
of an individual.

The picture of the present is sharp
and clear just as is the plane. As the vapor
broadens and dims in the distance it
becomes harder to distinguish from the
clouds and the mist through which
it has passed.

So it will be with our memories.

They have a way of getting lost as we
attempt to peer into the past.

Bertha Walston


We owe a great debt to our aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, and other individuals who went to great expense and trouble to have those fine old photographs made. We owe the genealogists for unraveling all those mysteries of our ancestors origins.

All of you who have contributed to Destination: Yellow Grass have helped to ensure that the memories will not fade like a jet trail across the wide expanse of a cloud mottled sky.

In Alphabetical Order

  • Amber Pelletier
  • Werner Altwasser, Germany
  • Gina Anaka
  • Donna Attwater
  • Gerald Attwater
  • Edna Beggs
  • Carol Castleman, USA
  • Richard Christiansen
  • Art Domes
  • Herb Domes
  • Merna Domes
  • Leona Gess
  • Len Greger, USA
  • Marge Gregor, USA
  • Karl Holtz, Australia
  • Agnes Juno
  • Alan Juno
  • Wolfgang and Elfriede Köllner, Germany
  • Karl Lenz
  • Delia Manning
  • Don Manning
  • Joan Meyer
  • 91st Infantry Division Museum, USA
  • Anjelika Seifert, Germany
  • Evelyn Scholp
  • Regina Steffensen, Germany
  • Bertha Walston
  • Margrit Weigel, Germany
  • Yellow Grass Heritage Committee
"Information not shared is the same as information lost.   And, the failure to share what you know is the same as perpetuating ignorance."

Scott Troutman
RootsWeb Review.

" When an older person dies, it is like a library burning."

Alex Haley




Copyright © 2001. 2013
® Canada Copyright Registration  No. 490341
to William J. Milner, March 8, 2001.

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