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Adolf Altwasser

The Son of August Altwasser and Anna Hiller

Information about August Altwasser and Anna Hiller


Adolf Altwasser, the son of August Altwasser and Anna Hiller, was born born on January 31,1877 in Drzewce, Dabie, Poland and the EWZ files show he was still alive in 1940. He married his first wife on an unknown date, with her name and fate unknown. The EWZ Fragebogen (questionnaire) said he married Emma Langner April 7, 1914. Emma's file card said the marriage took place August 1, 1913 and Adolf's file card said they married in 1915 in Wilkopole. Perhaps all three dates are erroneous and we can only select the 1913 - 1915 time frame as being correct. The Fragebogen shows Adolf and Emma had four children, two boys and two girls with Adolf the father of another daughter from his previous marriage.

The Fragebogen (questionnaire) was signed in Stadt Olbersdorf on April 14, 1940, where Adolf stated he owned five ha of land in Wielkpole, Kreis Kostopol, and that they had been sent to Orenberg in 1914, returning again in 1918.


Kostopol District of Volhynia

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EWZ Data

Adolf Altwasser

EWZ Auswandererkartei microfilmed by LDS.  fIlm #1797338.  Information is also found on LDS FILM# 1796624

EWZ File number 37235                     Date January 27, 1940            Location Unknown

Geburtsname:      Altwasser               Vornam:      Adolf                    Geburtstag:  January 30, 1877

Geburtsort:          Dombie                   Letze Wohnung:     Wielke Pole

Married man    7 children        Nationality:   Polish                  Religion:  ev

Occupation:    Landmann (farmer)          Ht.    165 cm (5'5")      Wt.   80 Kg (175 lb)

EWZ  37235  LDS Film# 1796624

Additional info from the Stammblätter documents  for Adolph Altwasser. 

 Birth place as Dabie. (Dabie and Dombie are the same place)

Married in 1915 in Wilkopole.              Father:  August Altwasser.  Mother:  Anna Hiller


Emma Langner

EWZ File number  37131/37435                     Date January 27, 1940            Location Unknown

name:      Altwasser    nee Langner   Vornam:      Emma                 Geburtstag:  July 15, 1892

Geburtsort:          Wielkopole -Wolh.              Letze Wohnung:     Wielke Pole

Married woman           7 children 4 living                    Nationality:   Polish                  Religion:  ev

Occupation:    Hausfrau                     Ht.    166cm (5'5")       Wt.   63 Kg (139 lb)

EWZ  37131  LDS Film# 1796624

Additional info from the Stammblätter documents for Emma Langner.


Married: August 1, 1913. Father: Gottlieb Langner.  Mother: Pauline Doberstein.  Children: Irma and Pauline with birth dates. (Their file number is 37131)

Generation No. 1

1. ADOLF2 ALTWASSER (AUGUST1) was born January 30, 1877 in Dabie (Dombie) EWZ File #37235.
He married EMMA LANGNER sometime between 1913 and 1915 in Wielkie Pole, daughter of GOTTLIEB LANGNER and PAULINE DOBERSTEIN.


Children of Adolf Altwasser and Emma Langner
As Transcribed from the EWZ Files
  • i. AUGUST3 ALTWASSER, b. August 20, 1918, Wielki Pole Kreis Kostopol EWZ File# 37247.

  • ii. IRMA ALTWASSER, b. April 6, 1921, Wielkopole, Wolh. EWZ File# 37131/37235.

    Irma Altwasser's file number is 37130 and she is also cross referred to Adolf Altwasser's file# 37235. She also appears on her mother's file #37131

  • iii. REINHOLD ALTWASSER, b. June 12, 1928, EWZ FILE #37235.

    No Stamblätter was located for Reinhold, but there was an index card. His index card refers him to EWZ File# 37235 which is Adolf Altwasser's file number.

  • iv. PAULINE ALTWASSER, b. September 11, 1932, EWZ File# 37131

Children of Adolf Altwasser, auf dem Fragebogen, April 14, 1940.

E-mail from W. Köllner, January 18, 2011

Hallo Jack,

I now have the first part of EWZ-files from the Bundesarchiv in Berlin.

  • Adolf Altwasser b. 30.01.1877 married on 07.04.1914 in Tuszyn to Emma Langner b. 06.04.1892 in Wielke Pole.

  • Parents: August Altwasser and Emma Hiler ( means Anna HILLER ).
  • He declares a daughter OLGA from a first marriage. Olga is married and lives in Canada (1940).

  • The other children are August, Irma, Reinhold and Pauline.




  • Canadian Archives Immigration Records (1925-1935)

    Surname: Altwasser
    Given Name: Olga
    Age 20
    Sex F
    Nationality Polish
    Date of Arrival: June 11, 1927
    Port of Arrival: Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Ship: Frederik VIII, Scandinavian American
    Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION, series C-1-b
    Volume: 1927 volume 10
    Page: 69
    Microfilm reel: T-14810

    Additional data source (2008): Canadian Passenger Lists 1865 - 1935,
    • Sailed from Copenhagen, Denmark on June 2, 1927.
    • Arrived Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 11,1927.
    • Country and Place of Birth: Kurgany, Poland. (Volhynia, Russia until 1921)
    • Passage paid by a friend.
    • Occupation: Domestic.
    • Destination: Frederick Altwasser, Yellow Grass, Sask.
    • Father: Adolph Altwasser, Wielkopole, Poland.
    • Passport Number, Date and Place of Issue; 1o9 [Sic] Kostopol, May 5, 1927.
    • Landed Immigrant.

    Personal Glimpses

    Excerpts from a letter and conversation with Gertrude Altwasser Neuman, daughter of August Altwasser and Ottillie Rosalie Redlich in September 2003.

    "There was also another Olga Altwasser who worked for my mother while mother was caring for Grandma Altwasser. We had a lot of fun trying to teach her English, especially getting her to say 'girl'.  It always seemed to come out 'grill' and we would all laugh together. I was very young at the time and do not know much about her or to which branch of the Altwasser family she belonged. She came from Poland between the two World Wars and I do know she married Edward Albert and resided in Edmonton. They had one son "Eddie" who, after he married lived in Edmonton. I do not know of his whereabouts any more."

    When the immigration information for Olga Altwasser first came to light, it didn't seem to fit with any known facts. However, Olga's arrival in 1927 does fit in with Gertrude's memories and the subsequent death in 1929 of Gertrude's Grandma, Euphrosine Altwasser. The pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place to show that Olga Altwasser is a twig on this branch of the Adolf Altwasser family tree.




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